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  • Lowers pH and KH to a constant value.
  • Best for ornamental fish and aquatic plants that prefer low acidic water.
  • Maintains water as clear as crystal glass.

Lowers pH and KH to a constant value.
The best soil desired by Aquatic professionals.

Advanced soil pH Control is a 100% natural and professional substrate that is developed to help tropical fish live and to keep the perfect environment for them.
It is more powerful than the former one to lower pH and KH, so that you can create a natural environment quickly.
It is the ideal soil for any tropical fish and aquatic plants that prefer low acidic soft water.
The near-natural environment is quickly created by the components in Advanced soil pH control and fish can be put in the tank even on the same day after setup. *
Advanced soil pH control absorbs harmful substances in water and cleans water, so that you don’t have to change your water often.

* Before putting your fish in the tank, it is still recommended to let circulate water for about one week after the soil is set.


It is more effective than the former one to lower pH and quickly lowers it to around pH5.0.
It is the ideal soil for fish that prefer a lower pH.
It is also effective in preventing diseases by lowering the pH level.

Changes in pH value and KH value (our researches: tap water)

pH is …

It is a measure of how acidic/basic water is. Many tropical fish prefer acidic to slightly acidic water.
Advanced soil pH control can be adjusted to a pH close to the water quality of a rainforest river. ( around pH 5.0)

An ideal soil for

Wild fish from South America.
Especially, for Characine, Corydors, Pleco, Apisto, and most of Cichlid family.

recommended filter : external filter , top filter, sponge filter

Customer reviews

  • "It’s very good that water doesn’t get too cloudy after feeding."
  • "Each piece of soil doesn’t fall apart and is easy to use."
  • "It was good that water remained clear.""
  • "Each piece of soil is small.""
  • "It looks good for Cardinal tetra, fish from Negro River, Corydoras, and Apisto."
  • "It looks good for aquatic plants from South America."
  • "It looks good for wild Betta, wild Apisto, Boraras, and Chocolate gourami."
  • "I tried this soil with Corydoras and Characine. Both look fine with it."

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product specifications

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